Candleston Campsite

Candleston Kitchen


In the Candleston main building we have built our own catering kitchen. Constructed in 2008, at a cost of over £8000, the facilities that you see in the photos are suitable for catering for up to 100 people or even more.

To have a look at some photos of our kitchen and its contents please look at the gallery page; click here -


Kitchen Gallery »


To use the kitchen you will need to connect it to the generator which is supplied by us. The Gas supply will not function without power as the safety systems require electricity. To connect the 6KVa generator to the kitchen you will need to use the lead which is also supplied by us. Once power is running you can arm the interlock by switching on the fan and then you will be able to use the 6 ring calor gas cooker.

To power the generator you will need one 30 litre tub of Diesel per 24 hour period. You will need to bring your own diesel container(s).


The lights for the toilets and washrooms are run off of the generator.


You should ensure you bring enough fuel and if necessary oil to run the generator throughout your visit. If you have any problems with the generator please ring Mike (details below) for advice.


In emergency situations you can ring the people we hire the generator from and they will replace or come and fix the generator, they are - Phoenix Hire & Sales Ltd. Unit 8, New Tarran Workshops, Dunraven Business Park, Coychurch Road, Bridgend, CF31 3AP - Telephone: 01656 654938.


Please note you must always turn of the generator the day that you leave, failure to turn of the generator will mean a loss in deposit.


It is very important that the kitchen is left clean and in a very good condition and that nothing is left behind, especially in the fridge. Please leave the fridge door ajar upon leaving.


Please note that we only supply the appliances as seen in the photos, you will need to bring all your own saucepans, crockery, cutlery and utensils etc.


If you have any questions ideas or suggestions concerning the kitchen please contact Mike Penny 07866472538


If you would like full information on the Food Standard Agency and their advice on providing catering services; click on this link to their website – industry/regulation/hygleg/hyglegresources/sfbb/